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Danni's Dance Academy - established in 2014 has become one of Bristol's recognised dance schools for its street dance training. With students ranging from the ages of three to adulthood, #DDA has built its repertoire of training all abilities. 

#DDA have won countless awards from regional competitions at UDO to World Championships, a key reflection of both the successes of its dancers and teachers. 

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Danni is a well established dance teacher completing a Degree in Dance Theatre Performance, qualifying in all styles from Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hiphop, Belly Dancing and many Street Styles.During this time Danni was also performing and competing in a Street Dance Team who performed along side Flo Rida in 2009 and getting through to I Hiphop Finals in London. 


Apart from dancing, Danni has had 10 years experience in teaching all types of dance and choreographing Street routines for her teams in her dance academy winning many trophies

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Alicia, has been dancing since the age of 3, whereby she initially at Dorothy Coleborn dancing school in Bath taking Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Modern and Character classes weekly. Alicia went on to perform in many shows along with Bath Christmas pantomimes, whilst taking many exams in each style and competed in competitions.

Alicia was always into Hip Hop/dancehall/RnB and general urban music growing up, and these genres of music lead her to a commercial class where she met Danni.

For the last 9 years, Alicia has taught all of the competition crew teams and loves doing so!

Alicia loves the genuine passion, talent, support for one another and dedication all the children, parents and staff have at #DDA. 

With over 15 years of training, gaining qualifications from prestigious dance boards such as RAD and ISTD, working with professional companies across the UK, competing in various festivals and musicals such as Fame and having founded my own performance troupe company, Karina has found that teaching is definitely her most rewarding achieve.

 Karina’s focus on teaching dance has both a imaginative and inventive approach, Karina is committed to nurturing each student to maximise their dance potential and go the extra mile to achieve such results.

Across Karina’s several years of teaching she has collected an array of achievements including the successes at Disneyland Paris, Alton Towers, alongside many national competitions whereby her choreography has been performed to industry professionals.

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Since the age of 14, Laura has been choreographing and teaching Hip Hop, Locking & Popping, plus other Street styles in both her place of birth, Madrid and the UK. Laura is also trained in the category of Latin styles, including Salsa, Samba, Reggaeton and Flamenco.

Laura has performed at Got To Dance 2012, at many Festivals such as Nosy Neirbough, Bristol Festival, Bournemouth Festival. Laura has also been dancing for the BBC Bristol and proud to perform at chairty projects such as Dance Dementia and Dance Donation.

In 2015, Laura and her school performed at the Rugby World Cup opening games at Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.  

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My passion for dance started at age 4 in ballet, then continued on to ballroom dancing. I have been dancing at DDA for 9 years and have loved every part of learning street dance. My favourite styles of street dance are locking and whacking. I have competed all over the UK with DDA including Worlds and dancing at Bristol Harbour Festival.

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I first started dancing at 5 years old and competed in ballroom, qualifying in styles such as Salsa, Tango, Rock n Roll and Foxtrot. At the age of 8 I found my love of Street Dance through DDA. I have competed in many UK competitions and have performed at UDO Worlds for the last 3 years. In July 2023 I perfromed at Formula E and beside Ella Eyre. 

 Georgia began dance at 5 years old, inspired by her mum who was also a professional dancer.

Georgia continued to grow and love all styles of dance, competing in competitions and exams, eventually going to University and getting a Dance Degree in 2018.  Georgia have been performing professionally since finishing university in Turkey as a dancer for the last 2 year's and wishes to continue to dance for the near future.


Following a teaching at University, Georgia knew that she loved teaching and eventually hopes to take this path full time.

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